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"Untethered" - Unique AstroAccess Art

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Felicia Bowers has been an artist for over 25 years, working in watercolor and acrylic paints, weaving, and most recently digital drawing and illustration. In 2017 Felicia and People Love Art founder Adam LaVoy began collaborating on a series of portraits made using the built-in eye-tracker on her Tobii communication device. Leveraging years of practice carefully controlling her eye movements Felicia creates intricate drawings layering a series of continuous lines — offering viewers who look closely the unique opportunity to follow individual lines and see what the artist saw as she created her work.

A direct reference to Bruce McCandless II’s historic first untethered spacewalk, “Untethered” holds a special meaning to Felicia as her own mobility on Earth is restricted, “Growing up with cerebral palsy I have had and will continue to have challenges in my life. I’ve been told I will never be able to do certain things because of not having motor skills and not being able to walk and talk.” Felicia’s art often celebrates themes of movement and fluidity — an expression of the freedom she feels inside, “With my art, I am able to express myself and talk to people through my work. It helps me feel independent and like I can do the unthinkable.” “Untethered” is both an expression of freedom, and a reminder that social and physical constructs, often more than our bodies, are what limit people with disabilities.

This stunning artwork floats Felicia’s digital illustration over a NASA-released photo of the Earth. Each image is printed on a separate acrylic sheet, furthering the sense of weightlessness when experiencing this work in person. This 16”x22” piece floats off the wall with included black standoffs, and is one of only two editions of this unique illustration to be produced in this format.