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A Day in Napa Valley

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Four Special Guests Will Enjoy a Memorable Day in Napa Valley.
Three behind-the-scenes winery tours & private wine tastings with premier Napa Valley producers and a catered lunch. Gifted by Anthony and Kimberly Washington of Beviam, Space4Girls and REWA Vineyards.

You and your three lucky guests will enjoy a curated lunch overlooking fifty acres, located at the legendary Rewa Vineyards with one of the most breathtaking views in the Valley.

3 Pack of REWA Wines Includes: Signed Bottles
2019 REWA Sauvignon Blanc
2017 REWA Cabernet Sauvignon, Reserve
By the world-famous Winemaker,
Celia Welch (Also, Winemaker of Scarecrow)